Why we started Mono FM

June 01, 2020

I'm excited to say that we are launching Mono today. Mono FM is a podcast hosting platform especially designed for new and growing podcasters who want to have a professional podcast host but don't agree with the current hosting pricing.

80% of podcasts get less than 400 downloads per episodes

Majority of the podcasts get less than 400 downloads a month per episode and yet podcasting companies charge 15+ dollars a month, why? Thats because some popular podcasts get WAY more downloads costing a lot to these companies which are offset by smaller podcasts paying extra money. So essentially YOU as a small podcaster are subsidizing bigger podcasts' cost, how is this fair? I understand that bandwidth is expensive so I'm not suggesting a totally "Free" platform but still I think that users should have a lower entry price and the price should scale fairly based on how many downloads they get rather than some fixed $15+ a month plan. Mono FM was founded to give creators an alternative.

A pay as you go pricing for hosting podcasts

With Mono users pay $1 per 50GB of downloads per month. 50GB converts to about 2000 downloads for a 25min episode, you can have more downloads in that bandwidth if you have shorter episodes or less if you have longer ones. This price is perfect for small/niche podcasts and creators who have just started out and have <200 downloads per episode. A show with less than 50GB of downloads will pay $1 per month, someone with 100GB of downloads will pay $2 a month, its fair. A nice side-effect of this pricing is that we don't charge users for any 'software' features. Users have access to every single feature on the platform for free. They don't have to upgrade to some "Pro", "Enterprise" or "Ultimate" package to get team collaboration or podcast website, everything is available to every Mono user.