Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is my monthly bill calculated?

    Your monthly bill is based upon the number of downloads (bandwidth) your podcasts get. We charge $1 for every 50GB of bandwidth used. For example if your show gets 45GB of downloads a month you will pay $1, if next month your show gets 75GB of downloads then you pay $2 and so on.

  • What do you mean by downloads bandwidth?

    So lets say you released one episode this month which is 30 minutes long (That is around 0.03GB in size). If you get total of 1000 downloads in this month then your total bandwidth used would be 0.03GB x 1000 = 30GB. Since we charge $1 per 50GB of bandwidth your bill would be $1

  • Can I cancel anytime?

    Yes, since we are a pay as you go service you don't have any subscription to commit to. So just delete your podcast and remove your payment information.

  • Am I going to be charged higher price every month, once exceeded?

    No. Your monthly bill is calculated based on current month's usage. If your next month's usage is lower than current month then you will be charged lower amount.

  • How do I monetize my podcast

    Currently we do not have monetization option but you are free to reach out to sponsors, patreons and monetize whichever way is best for you. In future we will add option to monetize your content right inside our platform.

  • There are some free podcast hosts out there, why should I use a paid service like Mono?

    Hosting your podcasts and serving it to your users costs money. Free services often offset this by inserting random ads in your episodes which can affect your listeners' experience. Also these services have a tendency to go out of business, and you don't want your podcast to disappear from the internet just because your provider shutdown. Mono is a bootstrapped and profitable company which gives you a fair utility based pricing, lowest in the industry.

  • Do I own my content

    Yes. You own all your published content.

  • How do I get support?

    We have a live chat on the bottom right, just click that and start chatting with us. Or you can also send us an email at and we will sort any issues you have.